*Upside Down

Artist: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Artist: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Dr. Zelinsky opened her office door to find her client upside down in the middle of the room, performing a perfect headstand.

“Hey, Dr. Zee. I started yoga like you suggested. This is my favorite pose. Come join me!”

“Very nice, Brandy. But I prefer my sessions right side up.”

Brandy gracefully descended and went to lounge on the couch, chattering all the while.

“I’ve been to a class every day this week. Who knew there were so many styles? That Jivamukti is too “out there” with all the chanting, and Yin just dragged on and on. But Vinyasa is definitely my groove. Great idea. Do you do yoga?”

“I take a weekly class and practice a few poses in the mornings. Every day is a whole lot of yoga for a beginner. Aren’t you still training for that triathlon?” Dr. Zee asked.

“Oh, that.” Brandy grew quiet and looked down. “No, I quit last week.”

“You quit? I thought you were enjoying the workouts and had become friends with your personal trainer. Sherry, wasn’t it?”

“Yes. We were really hitting it off. We went for smoothies after a workout and then she asked me out. On a date. I’m not ready and hurt her feelings.”

“Brandy, are you really not ready or did you purposely sabotage a potential relationship? Be honest.” Dr. Zee said softly.

“I’m afraid. What if I’m not really a lesbian? What if this is all in my head? I’ve been on a few dates and had a good time, but it just never clicked. Maybe I should have stayed married. At least I wouldn’t be alone.” Brandy looked at her feet.

“You were miserable. It’s been two years since you came out and a year since your divorce. You’ve made great progress; you know who you are and what you want. You have to trust in order to experience love but with that comes risk. It’s the same with men or women. What does your heart tell you about Sherry?”

Brandy raised her head with a smile.

“Sherry is fit and fun and we have tons in common. When she looks at me I get butterflies. No one has ever made me feel that way. I think I’m in love with her.”

“And there’s your answer. Make time for something other than yoga. You need some balance.” Let’s check in next week to see how you’re doing.


“What’s this?” Sherry wondered as she walked to her car after work. An envelope was tucked under her windshield wiper. She cocked her head as she admired the post impressionist artwork of two women embracing on the card’s front. A huge smile lit her face as she read the inside:

“Hot yoga isn’t for me. I’d rather sweat with you. Any chance you have time for dinner and a personal session at my house tonite? Love, Brandy.”


Written for the To Live & Write in Alameda February 2020 “Flash Lit” Challenge #2. We had three days to write a piece of fiction, non-fiction or poetry of 500 words or less to the theme “Upside Down” and post the link in our group. 


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