*Survival Kit


Merrow packed her bag thoughtfully. This getaway coincided with the Lover’s Moon. She would welcome a relationship, real or mystical, yet according to the tarot, a soulmate wasn’t in the cards.

“Got the survival kit: wand, broom, cauldron, chalice, crystals. Need to bind fresh sage. Candles? Damn. Pick up four sticks.”

Merrow placed clothing alongside her spellcasting tools. She was an old soul with many ancestral spirits. Lately, they had been encouraging her to seek a mate.

Upon arrival in the rustic coastal cabin, she rearranged the furniture to create a space large enough to contain the altar and extend her arms. She brushed the area with her twig broom and sprinkled salt water, murmuring the cleansing spell.

After a ritual bath in the old claw foot tub, Merrow emerged naked.

The altar was simple; a piece of flowing, aqua silk that had been gifted to her when she was officially welcomed into the coven. The fabric shimmered in the sunlight streaming through the windows, creating the illusion of rippling water. 

She extended her arms, invoked the names of the gods and goddesses and spun slowly in a clockwise circle, chanelling her energy into the wand.

“I conceive this circle with Love to find Love. A space between worlds, and time outside time.”

The shower of soft sparks flew from the wand, sizzling briefly in the air before settling gently on the ground in a circle around her.

Merrow placed bowls containing sacred symbols in each direction: sand at north for earth, a candle at south for fire, sage at east for air, and water at west. She said a quick prayer of thanks for her magic powers and those who came before her, then went straight to the Love Spell, raising her arms above her head and looking skyward.

“In the name of Venus, goddess of Love, bless me with Love. Bring to me a man who will see me with his heart and hear me with his soul.”

Merrow eased her body onto the floor, into the lotus position, closed her eyes and slipped into meditation.

It started as a whisper of breath at the base of her neck. She welcomed the sensation and leaned into the touch. It wasn’t just fingers. It was a body, warm and solid and rough. Her heart accelerated and she breathed in deeply, savoring his dark, musky scent. Strong hands turned her to him, searing lips claiming her own.

When Merrow came out of the trance, she found herself kneeling with the silk altar cloth draped over her shoulders. The lovemaking scene replayed in her mind and she wasn’t sure if her visitor had been man or magic.

She stood, lifted the wand and slowly spun counter-clockwise. Eyes closed, she whispered, “The circle is open but never broken. So be it.”

She opened her eyes to his gaze. The magical embers of the circle were waning and the altar silk rippled around her feet. Upon her nod he stepped into her arms.

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